1. Delivery and Return
The vehicle shall be delivered to the renter in good overall condition. The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle to the Lessor together with all its related accessories and documents and in condition it was delivered, to the location on the date designated on the front page of the Agreement. The condition of the vehicle shall be signed by both parties upon acceptance and return “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol is an inseparable part of the Agreement herein.
The Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time, on the Renter’s expenses, in case the vehicle is used by him/her in violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Obligations of Lessor
The Lessor is obliged:
To deliver the vehicle in proper technical condition, alongside with the relevant obligatory accessories and documents, as well as allow the Renter to freely use the vehicle within the terms of the Agreement provided, if the Renter complies with the terms and conditions of the Agreement herein.
The vehicle, subject of rental, is provided with an insurance package and copy of “Third Part Liability” insurance (TPL). The TPL insurance policy is available with the Renter for inspection.

3. Conditions of Use of Vehicle
Availability of a valid driving license is a must as for the Renter also for an additional driver, they must have an address registration in Bulgaria and they must be 23 years of age or more.
The Renter is obliged:
a) To use the vehicle properly and to maintain the vehicle with the standards of good proprietor;
b) Not to use the vehicle for carriage of passengers and cargoes against payment or to participate in races, exercises, route test, training, etc.;
c) Not to use the vehicle to propel or tow any other vehicles, trailers or similar as well as no to drive the vehicle along broken ground;
d) Do not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance impairing his/her consciousness or ability to react;
e) Not to use the vehicle in contravention of any traffic rules and/or other legal regulations;
f) Not to sub-rent the vehicle or assign it to persons other than those preliminary designated and authorized by the Lessor in the relevant line provided on the front page of this Agreement’
g) Not to use the vehicle, outside the country of rental without the written permission of the Lessor;
h) Upon parking the vehicle, to keep the keys and the certificate of registration, to close all windows, to lock all doors and to engage the alarm system;
i) Whenever damage is caused to the rented vehicle, to initiate all the necessary actions for reporting the damage as well as actions to protect and repatriate the vehicle;
j) In case a brake-down or if any damage is caused to the vehicle, if theft of parts and/or the whole vehicle occurs, the Renter is obliged immediately within the next 24 hours to inform the Lessor.

4. Prices and way of Payment
The Renter shall pay a rental fee for the services supplied by this Agreement according to the fees defined on the front page and those mentioned in the current tariffs of Lessor. Payment may be effected by credit card, cash or by bank transfer.

5. Liability of the Lessor
In the case of the brake-down of the rented vehicle due to manufacturing defect and/or natural wearing out of any part, the Lessor is obliged to replace the damaged vehicle with another one of the same type, if the Renter agrees, and within a period of two working days. For the period as of the official report to the Lessor and providing the replacement vehicle, Renter will not owe rental fee. In case of Renter’s expenses for road assistance agreed by the Lessor, the expenses be refunded to the Renter within one day after expiry of the Agreement. The Lessor will prolong for the Renter the rental Agreement with duration of days depending on the delay of days until delivery of the replacement vehicle, and upon Renter’s wish.

6. Liability of the Renter
In the case of a brake-down, loss or thefts of parts and/or documents or the total vehicle, including fire or breakage of window, the Renter is obliged irrespective of his/her or his/her driver’s fault, to pay to the Lessor the amount of all resulting losses and expenses, inclusive of compensation for loss of benefits, corresponding to the rental charge and the daily charge for at least 100km, until the day the vehicle or the replacement vehicle I available to Lessor.
The Renter shall be liable for damages, partial or total theft and loss of the vehicle. The Renter’s cost liability in case of a damage or total theft for the vehicle can be restricted to a definite amount, as mentioned on the front page of this Agreement, and under condition that the Renter shall accept to pay an extra charge for CDW damage (Collision Damage Waiver) and theft TP (Theft Protect), as defined in the tariff and the front page of the Agreement. The corresponding boxes are completed with “ACCEPT”. This amount may be canceled, providing the Renter accepts to pay and extra daily FDW charge (Full Damage Waiver) and initializes the corresponding box on the front page of Agreement. FDW (Full Damage Waiver) can be accepted only after acceptance of CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Under no circumstances the Renter’s liability can be restricted or canceled for partial theft, loss of parts, accessories and documents, or in case of damage to tires, wheel rims, chassis and other parts on the undercarriage of the vehicle, as well as damages caused during loading/unloading or transportation of the vehicle by ships, trains or the other methods of transportation.

7. Indemnity
It is explicitly agreed that irrespectively of the conditions of art.6 the Renter alone shall be personally and fully responsible for the damage suffered by the Lessor, as well as by Third Persons, and referring to the rental or the usage of the rented vehicle, where such loss or damage was caused intentionally or due to gross negligence of the terms and conditions of the Agreement; and/or after usage of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance by the driver; and/or due to violation of the current laws in Bulgaria; and/or the damages cause to/by third party are not covered by the insurance.

8. Accidents, Theft, etc.
In all events of road traffic accidents; upon damage to the vehicle or other objects outside the vehicle; if injury to the passengers in the vehicle or third persons; if theft of parts or the vehicle itself, the Renter must request the Police to be present at the scene of the event and also must insist on obtaining a ‘Protocol’ by the traffic police and forward the mentioned Protocol to the Lessor immediately.
The events in the preceding paragraph must be immediately reported to the Lessor. The Renter must provide all accident-related facts and data of third persons and witnesses to the Police and the Lessor.
Under no circumstances claims by third persons are to be accepted by the Renter. The renter is obliged to assist the Lessor and/or to its insurance companies in all claims and legal affairs referring to the accidents by Paragraph 1.
If case of violation of the preceding regulations by the Renter or in case the Protocol is not executed by the Police even if the CDW, TP and FDW clauses are accepted, the Renter will not be released from indemnities for the damage.

9. Personal Accident Coverage
The Renter may accept the payment of an extra daily initialize the corresponding ‘ACCEPT’ box, as mentioned on the front page of the Agreement, covering the medical costs of the driver and the passengers in the event of death, partial or permanent loss of labor ability during the rental period, to an amount as defined in the operative tariff of the Lessor and under the current law procedures in Bulgaria.

10. Data of the Renter
Before signing the Agreement, the Renter shall provide the Lessor with documents and data as follows: ID card, Driving License, Credit Card, Permanent Address Registration in Bulgaria or in a foreign country and current address in Bulgaria, which documents after being processed and described in the Agreement shall be returned to the Renter. The Lessor is obliged not disclose the data received to third persons in order to prevent misuse.

11. Extension of Rental Period
If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period of the Agreement, he/she must inform the Lessor not later than 48 hours before the initial expiration time of the rental Agreement. If possible, the Lessor shall prolong the rental period of the Agreement and inform the Renter of the extra rental period.
In the event of Renter’s failure to comply with the provision of the preceding paragraph and continuation of illegal usage of the vehicle, he/she shall assume civil and punitive liability for illegal usage and possession of the vehicle.

12. Suability and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be in accordance with the laws of the country of residence of Lessor and all disputes that may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of the competent Sofia Court.