Rent a car coverage and insurance:

A major point in your choice of the best offer for rental car is to check the insurance coverage included in the price offered and the opportunities for additional coverage which are available to avoid unexpected costs. TrS Rent a Car rely on clear and transparent policy without hidden fees and financial responsibilities. That fully supports our aim to be your loyal partner and not just a service provider.

We offer exclusively extended coverage of basic insurance included in the basic price, with reduced financial responsibility for damages occurred through no fault of the tenant. This saves significant costs for your rental car and ensure your comfort, security and peace of mind during your rent.

Only with us without any additional charge you will receive for free:

  1. CDW + zero liability for damages or events occurred not by your fault or foreign fault.

Combined with insurance for:

  1. Theft
  2. Fire
  3. Windows and roof

Do not think about your rental car, we’ve got you covered.

We have taken care to offer a product to protect you from unexpected costs, stress and care of the rented vehicle.

Insurance Coverage offered by TrS Rent a Car:

The insurance coverage that we provide is based on two main levels:

  1. Top Cover Insurance /TCI/ – coverage is included in the proposed initial price and offers:
  • Liability insurance – the coverage of this insurance complies with the requirements of Bulgarian legislation.
  • CDW+ – Cover costs for damage to the rental car up to their full value in a road or other incident without financial responsibility at fault for the occurred event other than the tenant and the amount of deposit at fault.
  • TP – Cover costs until the full amount of their value and removes entirely the financial responsibility of the tenant in case of theft or attempted theft of the rental car.
  • FP – Cover costs until the full amount of their value and completely removes your liability in case of fire of the rented car.
  • Windows and roof – covers the expenses to their full extent and removes the financial responsibility of the tenant for any damage on the roof and the windows of the car.
  1. Maxi Cover Insurance  /MCI/coverage is not included in the original price and is signed with an additional fee based on the daily fare and class of vehicle described in the table below. Includes:
  • SCDW+ – covers the cost of damage to the rented vehicle in full and releases the tenant/client from full financial responsibility for insurance event no matter whose fault
  • Replacement vehicle – provides a replacement vehicle of the same class within up to 24 hours of the insurance occurrence.
  • Lack of administrative charges if an insurance event occurs.

Additional Insurance Coverage:

  • Тire Insurance /TI/ – Coverage for damage caused by tires, wheels and un running part of the car.

There is an additional fee described in the table below. Relieve the tenant of full financial responsibility for damage caused by tires, wheels and chassis applications of the rented car.

–  Coverage does not apply when the rental car is used on roads outside the national road network and off-road terrains.

– In case of damage caused in the chassis applications of the vehicle, the coverage applies only coverage applies only if report from the Traffic Police is provided.

The insurance coverage does not apply in the following cases:

  1. In damages on the vehicle interior.
  2. When damages resulting from wrong type of fuel
  3. When driving beyond the national road network, pavement markings.
  4. When driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs.
  5. In case of theft or damage of personal belongings of the client.
  6. Theft, damage or loss of keys, documents of the vehicle license plates, wipers, radio, CD-player, dish.
  7. When damage or theft on/of tires, wheels and undercarriage of the car, if not accepted Tire Insurance (TI) coverage.

Upon the occurrence of accidents or insurance event lessee is obliged to register in a timely manner, on the same day by informing the authorities of the Traffic Police and to request the compilation of relevant statements and other documents and to inform the Lessor immediately.