Long-term car rental

With our long-term rental program, we can offer you a cheaper car than the standard daily rental rate. With the minimum rental period of only 28 days, you get your own rental car without the worry of annoying administrative fees and maintenance costs. With the long-term rental, you can keep the car from one to several months and renew the contract according to your needs.

You rent the car for a longer – and we will give you a bigger discounts!

What are the advantages of long-term car rental from Travel Cars EOOD:
  • The minimum rental period is only 28 days;
  • The lease can be extended as long as necessary;
  • You have your own car at your disposal;
  • Individually prepared offers according to your needs and preferences;
  • Delivery of the car within a working day;
  • You have a car for as long as you want;
  • The rental rate includes all service and maintenance costs;
  • Replacement vehicle of the same class in case of breakdown;
  • Cars can be delivered to any city in Bulgaria.
In what most common cases is long-term car rental used:
  • Appointment of temporary or probationary employees;
  • Starting a new business project;
  • Visit of company employees from abroad;
  • Waiting for your new ordered cars to be delivered;
  • Vehicles for temporary projects;
  • Hire of seasonal employees.

You can get additional information or an individually offer, you just need to call our phone number: +359 89 9799766 or send an inquiry to our email: info@travel-service.bg