Operational Lease:

Operating lease offers you the opportunity to use a car for a period of your choice, without acquiring ownership of it and without committing to its realization after the period for which you needed it.

What to expect:
  • New, reliable and safe car always available;
  • Opportunity to choose a car fully tailored to your preferences for brand, model, engine, etc.;
  • Opportunity to organize your fleet with the most suitable cars for you and your employees;
  • You choose the period for which to commit to a particular car;
  • Without an initial installment and payment of large sums at once, as would be the case with financial leasing. This way you do not block any money;
  • No additional financial guarantees and mortgages;
  • Opportunity to financially present your long-term rent as current expenses for external services;
  • You reduce the amount of taxes of your company by monthly deduction of lease payments from your taxable income;
  • The lease payments are monthly and the same for the entire term of the contract, regardless of external factors, so you can very well plan your expenses in the future;
  • Full service support and service from Trs Rent a Car and thanks to which you do not have to search, negotiate and buy spare parts, oils and tires, and therefore have unforeseen costs;
  • There is no chance that your car will remain uninsured or without a guarantee due to a missed service inspection, because we take care of meeting all deadlines;
  • TrS Rent a Car undertakes to provide you with a free replacement car if yours has to stay in service for a longer period of time, and thus your business is not hindered;
  • After the end of the operating lease agreement from Trs Rent a Car you have no commitment for the sale of this car or additional costs to acquire it in your name, resell, service, etc., and you can simply order a new one;
  • With a contract for Operating Leasing concluded by Trs Rent a Car, you have the opportunity to use car rental services, at preferential prices at times when your business requires it, and you need additional cars for a shorter period.