The Lessor, Travel Cars EOOD, hereby gives for rent to the Renter the vehicle, described in details on the front page of this Agreement and subject to all terms and conditions hereinafter.

  1. Delivery and Return
  2. The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in perfect condition together with the equipment, demanded by the Traffic Police, which is recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol, integral part of this contract, under whose conditions the return of the car takes place. The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle in the same good conditions, as at the time the vehicle has been delivered to him, together with all documents; he was supplied with, at the time and at the location stipulated in the rental agreement, which shall be recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol.
  3. If the Renter fails to return the vehicle in due course, he shall inform the Lessor no later than the stipulated in advance hour of the return. If delays the Renter shall pay an indemnity equal to one day rent the most. The Renter has the right to extend the period of the period of the rental contract for no more than 48 hours by a “one phone” notice. If the Renter fails to return the vehicle within two days after the rental period has expired has expired, he is obliged to conclude a new contract.
  4. No fulfillment of the obligation to return the rented vehicle and more than two days after the expiration of the contract without the Lessor to have been informed shall be considered a theft and the Lessor shall duly inform the authorities, reserving his rights as per this contract.


  1. Damages, shortages, robbery, etc.
  2. In case the vehicle was damaged, there are shortages, or robbery of the entire vehicle or parts of it, as well as in case of glass breaking or fire, as result of Renter’s negligence, the later is obliged to indemnify the Lessor, incl. to cover the expenses for the rent of the replacement vehicle, the repatriation and repair of damaged vehicle, the missed profits of rents, and stipulated upon signing the contract, which fee is not refundable.
  3. Renter shall pay all damages to the lower part of the vehicle, wheels and wheel rims, hubcaps and radio/CD player theft.
  4. The liability of the Renter to third parties for damaged caused due to Renter’s fault, is covered by the Third Parties Liability insurance, up to this limit, except in the cases as per art, 5.1,5.2, 5.3 of this contract. Only in case of approved claim of the insurance company as per art. 19 of the Regulation for the obligatory insurance, this liability of the Renter.
  5. In case the license, the keys or the number plate of the vehicle are stolen destroyed he Lessee shall pay an indemnity equal to 5 days rental fee.


  1. Prices and mode of payment
  2. The rental price is defined per day, it depends on the rental period and it is published in the Price list, integral part of this contract. It is due upon delivery of the vehicle and the signature of the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol.
  3. The Renter is obliged to submit a deposit, the amount of which is defined, upon signing the contract. After the vehicle is returned in a good condition, the same in which it was delivered by the Lessor, and which condition is recorded in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol, the deposit shall be released. In case in the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol are recorded small damages or shortages, as well as the vehicle is returned with less fuel in the tank or less than the level of the fuel stipulated in the protocol of acceptance, the corresponding amount shall be deducted from the deposit amount and the balance if any, shall be released.


  1. Liability of the Lessor
  2. The Lessor is responsible for damages, caused to the Renter, or third party, as result of technical faults of the rented vehicle, proved by an independent technical survey. The expenses for this survey shall be on the account of the party in whose favor the conclusion of the survey are not.
  3. The Lessor is obliged to supply the Lessee with a replacement vehicle for the period, as per the rental contract of the default vehicle.


  1. Obligations and Responsibility of the Renter
  • The Renter is obliged:
  1. To use the vehicle properly and to take good care of it ,
  2. In case of damage, accident or failure to take measures to locate and reduce the damages and to save the vehicle.
  3. In case of damages or car accident, except the small incidences, to Mill the requirements of the Traffic Law and the Regulations for this application concerning creation of protocols and other documents. Within 24 hours after the time of the accident/damage, but not later than the end of the contract, the Renter is obliged to inform the Lessor, reporting all the facts, circumstances and other data /incl. witnesses etc./related to the accident, as well as to fully assist the Lessor and he insurance company in clarifying the accident and damages.
  • The Renter has no right:
  1. To use the vehicle for towing ether vehicle or a trailer, as well as for participation in races, competitions, trainings, tests; to transport big, liquid or other loads.
  2. To drive the vehicle after having alcohol, drugs or other hypnotic medicines.
  3. To transfer the right of driving the vehicle to third party and to use it for travels abroad.
  • The Lessee is obliged to hold a valid driving license. One year driving experience is a must 21 years is the minimum age required.
  • The violation of the clauses as per item 5.1-5.3 which caused damages, excludes the limited liability and the Renter owes full indemnity.
  • The Renter agrees hereinafter his personal data to be delivered to the authorities in case of criminal or other charge.


  1. Other Terms
  2. All changes or amendments to this contract as well lo every document mentioned above and related to this contract shall be in a written form in order to be valid. They have to be duly signed by the parties or their authorized representatives.
  3. All disputes concerning the conclusion, amendment, change or termination of the contract shall be solved amicably, and if the parties fail to do so, the dispute shall be referred to the competent authorities.
  4. For every case not covered by this contract shall be applied the regulations of art. 223-239 of the Law of Liabilities and Obligations, the Traffic Law and all other regulations of the current legislation.


The contract has been drawn up in two copies, all of equal validity, one for each party. Integral part of this contract is the “Acceptance and Delivery” protocol.